login-TurboTax CD

In order to save your time and complete tax return filing as per tax laws go for ‘ login’. You can either go with its online or offline (software) versions to file taxes. In addition to this you are free to choose from distinct turbotax products. Turbotax creates an interactive environment, simply answer the questions then it will arrange features for you.

How to register an account for login?

To start using Turbotax, firstly create an account on it: login
  1. Visit to ‘ login’ website.
  2. Nextly, enter the email address that will create a turbotax account.
  3. A Window appears, Confirm it to proceed with the email.
  4. Now, a box appears put in your phone number in it.
  5. After that, it will ask you to fill in a security password ( it should be strong enough).
  6. Choose “Create account” lastly and the registration process is completed.

How to login via CD and activate it?


On Windows:

Put in CD into Drive and wait for 4 minutes to ‘ login’, otherwise follow the given steps:

  1. Insert CD into computer drive.
  2. Open Run window by pressing Windows+R keys.
  3. Choose ‘Browse’, then search for your CD on drive preferrably Drive D.
  4. After that, begin installing turbotax by double-clickng ‘setup.exe’ file.
  5. You will land to screen ‘Your product is installed’ then tap ‘let’s activate it’.
  6. A box appears, demands license code, enter license code in it.
  7. Eventually, tap ‘Continue’.
  8. Now installation is done.

On Mac

  1. Put in CD in CD drive.
  2. Then a pop-up window will instruct you to drag TurboTax checkmark icon (red coloured) into the Applications folder. Follow the instructions.
  3. Then you will directed to ‘Your product is installed’ screen thereafter, tap ‘let’s activate it’.
  4. Enter License code in the box that appears.
  5. Choose ‘continue’ and installation completes.
  6. Open turbotax in application folder.

What to do to update login details?

  1. First of all, you need to log in Turbotax account, then you can change your login information.
  2. After that you’ll see Menu, choose ‘Intuit Account’ listed in it.
  3. Further, go to ‘Manage your Account’ section.
  4. Under this section, tap ‘Sign In & Security’ to change User ID, Password,email address, or phone number.
  5. Enter updated information.
  6. Then, confirm it by clicking ‘Save’.

NOTE: In order to update, details such as name,date of birth, address, or occupation, tap ‘Personal info’ in step 4.


How to download turbotax software?

1. Go to TurboTax official website.
2. Nextly, sign-in turbotax account with the credentials (used to create account).
3. Further, go to Downloads tab, on your account.
4. Lastly, select version and save it on PC.

How to find turbo tax software on Windows?

You can search the downloaded software:
For TurboTax federal programs (Basic, Deluxe, etc.): Search w_turbotax on your PC and for the filename extension .exe
And for TurboTax state: Find for w_state. Here write state name in place of ‘state’.

Can I update login details on my turbotax account?

Yes, surely login details can be changed. Refer to above section for the steps.